Day 1

As I have prepared for this challenge, I have had to take a long hard look at myself.

It was scary and oh so depressing.

I have many things I would like to improve on this journey most of them you will be able to see in the pictures and videos at the bottom of this page. Some are not so obvious here so I will have to share with you. Every week I will have pictures and videos to show the changes and a journal entry telling what I am going through, how I feel, what’s happening and changes I have noticed.

One thing I want to address, this is not a weight loss journey. Yes I am aware I am severely over weight but that is not what this blog is about. However having said that, the anti-aging workout I started today will help in weight loss too. It will not be a main focus, I will not be posting pounds or inches lost, but may bring weight loss up in passing as I write about my anti-aging journey and how it affects that process.

About 5 years ago, I fell and messed my knee up pretty bad. Since then I have had problems with my knee, now both knees hurt and it has been a struggle dealing with them both hurting like they do. So the number one thing I want to see improve is my knees, how I move, walk and take stairs. I didn’t make a video going up and down stairs maybe I will do that next week, but if you watch the videos below you can see the pain when I sit down and get up. Hopefully in about a month that will begin to improve.

My face doesn’t have a bunch of lines despite my sporadic anti-aging regimen, but there are still things I would like to improve. The double chin, I would like to see it tightened, toned and pulled up. The area just over my eyes is sagging down over my eyes, I would like that area tightened and pulled back up so you can see my eyes. I have aging spots on my face, I would like those to go away or be less noticeable. I’m sure I will add more later but for now those are the most obvious things on my face I would like to improve on this journey.

The rest of my body needs tons of improvement as well. My thighs have a dimpled look from cellulite and are sagging downward over my knees. My belly has tons of stretch marks from having kids, severe weight fluctuations and sporadic exercise regimens. There are aging spots that have been popping up over the years. My arms have lots of stretch marks as well. My calves are probably the only body part that doesn’t have a lot wrong with them, they are just not as strong as they used to be. Both my hands and feet need work, they both hurt and are sometimes hard to use.

Mentally I am still pretty sharp, but there are somethings I would like to improve on. I am really good at solving puzzles or problems, but my memory is not that great. Sometimes thinking is hard, it makes things fuzzy and tired (I don’t know how else to explain it) and no matter how hard I try staying focused is brutally hard. When this happens I just need to take a break, maybe read a book or play a game where I don’t have to think so much and I feel better. I want to be able to think clearer and be more focused.

My energy is so low you might as well say I don’t have any. Some days are better than others, but most days it’s hard to get moving. I want to go do the things I love and enjoy doing them instead of hoping it’s over soon so I can go home and rest.


That was brutal.

And yet so very real.

Below you will see my pics, I actually took them last night with the help of my husband, who made fun of me the whole time. LOL It’s all good. He supports me even if he doesn’t understand fully what I am doing.

I am going to try to keep the pics as close to the same throughout my journey as I can, but we are human so I’m sure they won’t be perfect. They will however be real.

I hope you decide to follow my journey as I turn back the clock.

Thank you so much for reading, God bless and have a wonderful day.



I am having problems loading the videos, I am working on it but in the mean time if you would like to see them please email me at and put videos in the subject line and I will send them to you. Thank you for your patience.

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