This is Carl. pineapple with glasses (2) (640x479)

Carl is an anti-aging enthusiast and loves to blog, it’s his dream to help all women look and feel their best. You will find tidbits from Carl throughout this site, so watch for his picture, he sometimes like to add to my posts.

Growing up in the tropics, Carl spent a lot of time on the beach and in the ocean. He enjoys surfing, fishing, bowling and long walks on the beach.

Following is a little bit of Carl’s life.

bright-bubble-color-137132   Carl with his mom when he was young.

art-backpack-bag-174662   Back to school picture as a teenager.

backpack-beach-beachlife-139238   Carl and his girlfriend Rita enjoying the beach.

adorable-animal-cute-174667     Here is Smoothie and Dole Whip, Carl’s guinea pigs.

beach-fruit-island-136054   Carl’s color faze, here is where his enthusiasm for anti-aging began.

architecture-buildings-business-139251    Carl in the big city.

blue-colors-food-437805   Carl’s passion for blogging begins.

You will see more of Carl as time goes, he is an active fella and is always on an adventure of some sort.