Reduce Age Spots

This tip involves using one of my favorite products to reduce age spots.

In fact I use it for many things and pretty much every day in a variety of ways.

Today I am only going to cover one way to use it and for only a few issues, as there are so many I feel it would be overwhelming and hard to absorb.

Here it is the product you have all been waiting for …..drum roll please……………..

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Now stop rolling your eyes, I know you have heard it all before. Blah, Blah Blah!

Maybe apple cider vinegar (ACV) doesn’t do everything that is claimed, but it does reduce age spots, it’s working for me. I also use a special lotion after doing this tip which I believe has helped speed up the process.

So here is what you do..

  1. Get yourself a good quality raw, organic ACV with the mother.
  2. Shake well
  3. Pour 1/4 cup into a small container that has a lid.
  4. Add at least a 1/4 cup of water
  5. Stir (or put the lid on and shake)
  6. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply                                                                        (I use it on my face, all age spots and sunburned skin)
  7. Leave on a few minutes.
  8. Then rinse and pat dry.
  9. Apply my special lotion (not necessary but speeds the process up)

Store this concoction in the fridge, it will stay good for a few weeks. If you don’t want to waste it and you aren’t going to use much and you always do lesser amounts. It’s 1 part ACV to 2(up to 6) parts water.

Before you get all gung ho about the whole thing, be sure to test a small spot on your skin to be sure you won’t have any reaction to it. If you have sensitive skin start with 6 parts water to see if you can handle it.

You should do this twice a day for at least 6 weeks to see results.

Thank you so much for reading!! Have a wonderful day and God bless!!

cropped-pineapple-with-glasses-e15214155155071.jpegCarl says if you want to use Mindy’s special lotion to help speed the process click here. Following I will add some pictures that show before and after, using just the special lotion.

img_3489                                               img_3488

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