Dry Body Brushing

I love dry body brushing it always makes my skin tingle!

Dry body brushing is not just for exfoliating, although that is a very excellent reason to dry brush your body. It stimulates the nervous system, aids digestion, improves circulation, reduces cellulite, tightens skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system. All of which impact how we age even if it is indirectly affecting aging it is still affecting it. I for one would like it to affect it positively and dry brushing helps that.

The really great thing about dry body brushing is that anyone can do it, it isn’t expensive to buy a brush, it’s easy to do and is good for all skin types. Dry body brushing only takes a few minutes to do which makes it easy to work into any schedule.

You need to get a brush that has natural plant bristle or boar bristle and be sure it’s for the body. I prefer one with a long handle to make reaching my back easier. Most of them are under $20 and should last a long time.

The best time to brush is right before you take a shower (although before bed is acceptable).

Starting at your feet brush upwards in long strokes.

Always brush towards your heart, starting from the furthest point working your way in.

Only brush one way, always towards the heart.

The torso should be brushed in a circular clockwise motion.

Be gentle, there is no need to press hard while brushing.

When you are done brushing take your shower like always and be sure to moisturize afterward.

I find that dry body brushing is soothing, feels good and only takes a few minutes.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!! I bet you will love it too.




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