Tongkat Ali

As we get older our hormones get more out of whack and if you have had kids it starts even earlier. I know my hormones have been a complete mess ever since I had my first child.

What on earth does that have to do with Tongkat Ali? and what is Tongkat Ali anyway?

Tongkat Ali is an herb and it can be bought in powder or liquid form. Tongkat Ali has many benefits, more than what I will cover here, but I will share with you today  what is in my opinion the most important benefit for women from this wonderful herb.

It can help balance your hormones.

If you haven’t absorbed that statement completely please go back and read it again.

Hormones control so many aspects of your body and mind and when they are unbalanced, chaos ensues.

Maybe you don’t notice it right away, it just becomes the way things are so it’s your new normal. Or maybe it happens slowly over time so it doesn’t feel like anything is off. Having kids, exposure to toxins and growing older are all common life events that throw your hormones off.

Weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and low libido are just a few of the problems caused by hormone chaos. All of these things affect how you age, and over time will make you age faster.

Life is too short, but it’s not too late. Take your life back, start taking Tongkat Ali today to fight the fatigue and weight gain, clear up the brain fog  and increase your sexual desire. You will be so glad you did.

You do not take this herb every day, you take it in a cycle of 5 days on and 2 days off to get the most benefit.

Please consult a physician before starting any new herb and remember to always start new things slowly.


img_2745  Carl says to see the benefits in reality please keep an eye on the 180 day challenge, as this is one of the supplements being taken for the challenge.




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