or cha cha, mambo, rumba, belly dancing, line dancing,  even ballroom dancing and so many more that I have not named here.

Learn a new dance.

Take your significant other and take a class. The benefits from this are more than I want to cover in one blog post.

You say “well yeah it’s exercise”, but I say it is so much more than just exercise.

When you learn new steps to a dance, you think about what you are doing while listening to music as you dance. This promotes neural activity and functional connectivity between multiple brain regions. Which basically means it improves cognitive function.

Then of course there is the benefit of exercising. Which does all sorts of wonderful things for your body and brain and has been known to actually slow down the aging process.

If you take a class with a group of people this also adds to the benefits. Being social is very important for brain function. It helps us remember more and think more clearly.

So to slow the aging process, improve memory and help you to think more clearly….

break out the rose…………….

put it in your teeth and……………..


(or mambo, or foxtrot, or belly dance, or well you get the idea right?)

Thank you for reading and God bless!!!


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