Take a walk on the beach

If you downloaded My Top Ten Anti-Aging Tips for the Brain, you will know that stress causes the brain to age more quickly. Stress causes all kinds of really bad things to happen in your body, many of which are linked to diseases and speeds up the aging process.

The beach has been known to having a calming effect on people. Even if you don’t swim in the ocean, the beach is a great stress reducer.

Almost all of your senses are assaulted with calming vibes at the beach.

The rhythmic sound of the waves slows and calms. The view of the beautiful blue ocean is soothing, it actually changes your brain waves, putting you in a meditative state.

Warm sand under your bare feet, even the air you breathe is soothing.

So let’s go to the beach!!

Take your shoes off (walking in the sand is also very good for your feet) and go for a walk. Breath in the fabulous air, listen to those soothing waves, look out to the ocean and feel yourself destress.

You will be glad you did.

Thank you for reading! Have a stressfree day and God bless!!

Carl says don’t forget the sunblock


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