Strong Feet

Before you completely write me off as a quack, hear me out.

When someones feet hurt how do they walk? or what do they look like when they walk?

Like they aged 100 years!!! Right?

About a year ago, my foot started to hurt. It affected every aspect of my life and made everything that much harder. Things I enjoyed doing where not as enjoyable anymore.

In other words my quality of life was under attack.

So here is my tip to you….keep your feet strong. There are a few simple things you can do, if done consistently will help prevent problems with your feet.

  • Walk around bare foot, being sure to walk heel to toe and not shuffle to work your foot.
  • Spread your toes out as far as they will go and hold it for a few seconds.

Be sure you are working both feet evenly, really focus on these task as you do them so you know they are being done correctly. You would be surprised how many people shuffle when they walk so they are not activating the whole foot. (Yes I was one of them. HaHa!)

If your feet are not hurting, that’s great! Trust me you want to prevent foot problems if at all possible, start these today to give yourself an edge.

If your feet hurt already, then consult a doctor to be sure there isn’t anything more serious happening with them. If the doctor clears it then start slowly and working your feet back to being pain free.

I’m right there with you and together we can do this.

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous day and God bless!!!



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