180 Day Challenge

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Challenge Journal

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Week 1

I have decided it’s time I took my own advice and use my anti-aging knowledge to do a 180 day challenge. For 180 days I will use all areas of anti-aging knowledge consistently every day. Every week I will post updates on here which will include pictures, videos and a few paragraphs on how the week went and what I have noticed. I will also keep a journal of what I did, used, when and how. That will also be available to anyone who asks, however I will not post the journal.

Day 1 is posted, in it you will find my beginning pictures and videos. You will also find my goals for this challenge and what to expect over the next 180 days.

Please check back weekly to see the changes as they happen, and yes I expect them to happen.

Click here to read Day 1

Thank you for reading God bless and have a fabulous day!