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This blog is probably the craziest thing I have ever done, in fact I am a little freaked out about the whole thing. But here it is and here you are. Thank you for coming by. Below here you will find a few tidbits of information to help you understand what I am about and what this site is about.

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What Anti-Aging Means to Me

What comes to mind when you think anti-aging? Wrinkles? Creams? Vanity?

When I think of anti-aging I think selfesteem and quality of life. There is so much more to it than wrinkles and creams; and vanity is not always the reason for it.

Quality of Life

When I am 90 I want to be able to walk, have thought provoking conversations and be productive. These are all very important parts to anti-aging. Our whole body, including the brain,  needs to have routine maintenance done to keep all the parts working smoothly. Now I am not saying that if you do my tips you will never have dementia or have problems walking, but what I am saying is that I want to give our bodies a fighting chance. That is what I am offering here, a fighting chance. Quality of life is so very important and I would like to have mine as long as I can, how about you?

Self Esteem

I have met so many women over the years who always put themselves last. They chop at their own hair instead of getting it cut somewhere, wear very little makeup if any at all and never take time for themselves. How long does it take to lose all self esteem living that way? It’s time for change. Lets work on those crows feet, sagging skin and age spots. Lets work on that dimpled skin and foggy brain. You deserve to feel good about you.

Let’s get started!!

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My Products

Lets talk about the elephant in the room.

I sell anti-aging products. “gasp! say it ain’t so!”

Yes it’s true, it’s true.

Having said that, it is not necessary to buy my products to get a benefit from this site. In fact if you never buy from me and only come on here to get whatever is free, not only is that ok with me but you will still get valuable information. If you want to buy some products that’s great, you will find them all over the site by clicking the links that say my products or by clicking on Carl the pineapple on the right or down below if you are on a mobile device.

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